Whatever Happened to the Tsu Social Network? RIP

Last fall, the Tsu social network made a giant splash onto the news scene, even shaking up the Catholic community with their religious outtakes.

But, no reason to hate.

Tsu also provided the Catholic church with another platform to showcase their beliefs. Founder Sebastian Sobczak even scored interviews with major news networks like Fox Business, where he astutely explained his business model and turned viewers into believers.

Tsu’s Magnificent Launch

Armed with a slick website and top notch branding, Tsu launched with a tidal wave of marketing blitz.  Last January they even garnered an article about them by the TechCrunch online journal, where they were said to be hacking the Apple play store’s pay-per-download rules.  Hacking Apple?  That’ll win you fans at any rate, no matter what you’re selling.

Sponsors included, at that point in time, Pandora, Twitter, Lyft, Taco Bell, among others, according to the TechCrunch article.

ZDNet took notice too.  In October 2014, the month of launch, they did tsu a solid and gave them a nice introduction.   Their widely respected and read online tech journal is for IT professionals.

And to a wider audience, Billboard Magazine did a piece on tsu as well.

Did tsu run out of marketing money?

With an initial injection of $7 million from investors Sancus Capital Prive and others, it’s hard to imagine that tsu could run out of money less than a year after launch.

But where are they?  The media blitz is over with.  In fact, so does all the buzz seem to be over with.  Nobody’s talking about Tsu any more.  A Bing news search on “tsu social network” reveals nothing this year after the January TechCrunch article cited above, other than a Johnny Come Lately article in MacWorld.  The article was published last May, more than three months ago and reveals nothing new.

In fact, it seems to simply be a re-hash of previous news items that came out during launch the previous Fall.

Google Trends puts solid data behind this observation:
As you can see, after the launch phase last fall and early winter, nobody’s trying to found out what the Tsu social network is anymore.  At the peak of interest in January 2015, people were searching the phrase “tsu social network” 10 times more than they were last month (July 2015), according to analytics by Followerwonk (not a network marketing company like most MLM companies).

Also noted in Google Trends data: 100% of those searches this past winter originated from people in the United States.  So much for a global network!

The thing about buzz…

The thing about buzz is, you have to keep it going.  For the many people who believed in Tsu and joined this past winter (founder Sobczak boasted over two millions users just three months after launch), it’s disappointing that nothing is buzzing right now.

This writer joined, and never got any emails or any contact whatsoever after the initial confirmation email sent by the autoresponders.  I get more love from drugstore.com! Lol. Even profit-share companies like My Advertising Pays get more daily participation from people clicking on 10 ads per day. It’s absurd.

The tsu app in the Android play store has 500 thousand downloads.  While that number sounds impressive, it’s a far cry short of what’s needed to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and the newest big player on the scene: Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook (and therefore probably soon to be monetized as well).

So tsu, where’s all the buzz gone, and more importantly for the investors, where’s the money gone?

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