Whatever Happened to the Tsu Social Network? RIP

Last fall, the Tsu social network made a giant splash onto the news scene, even shaking up the Catholic community with their religious outtakes.

But, no reason to hate.

Tsu also provided the Catholic church with another platform to showcase their beliefs. Founder Sebastian Sobczak even scored interviews with major news networks like Fox Business, where he astutely explained his business model and turned viewers into believers.

Tsu’s Magnificent Launch

Armed with a slick website and top notch branding, Tsu launched with a tidal wave of marketing blitz. Last January they even garnered an article about them by the TechCrunch online journal, where they were said to be hacking the Apple play store’s pay-per-download rules. Hacking Apple? That’ll win you fans at any rate, no matter what you’re selling.